A great deal of our patients are missing adult teeth. With the hightened awareness of quality of life issues patients are becoming increasingly reluctant to suffer the discomfort of dentures or the tooth tissue loss associated with bridge preparation. More and more patients are requesting dental implants to restore lost teeth.

Cavendish House Implant Centre offers your patients a friendly and relaxed environment for their implant treatment. Whilst in the waiting room patients can watch the plasma screen TV or browse the Internet on our free WiFi access point.

We have a Research and Audit manager who ensures that data on every treatment, carried out on every patient is recorded and analysed. This helps us to audit all aspects of patient care and treatment results to ensure that only the highest standards are met and maintained.

Communication is fundemental to the relationship with our referring dentists. We ensure that the referring dentists are kept fully informed at each stage of their patient's course of treatment.

Whilst patient treatment is the core of our business the Implant Centre also encourages and provides CPD education on this website with a constantly increasing number of online modules.

We have a FORUM for referring dentists to discuss matters with our implantologists as well as a forum for practitioners around the world to discuss clinical issues.

Our practice NEWSLETTER is sent out to 2,700 dentists in the South and East of England every quarter and can also be downloaded on this site.

Future educational plans include live surgery webcasts and interactive online training with referring dentists who would like to provide the prosthetic stages of implant treatment following implant surgery at Cavendish House.

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