After having experience in a number of implant systems, Cavendish House now uses exclusively Nobel Biocare implants. We feel that this system offers us excellent results and predicatbility. Nobel Biocare implant treatment offers us many options ranging from immediate function to the new All-On-4 concept.

We never forget that our patients are not coming to us for an implant per se, they are coming to us to have their missing teeth put back to as natural state as possible.

Immediate function

Where possible it is now much preferred to place an implant at the same time as the tooth is removed. This allows a single stage surgical procedure which improves patient comfort and utilises the osteogenic process that occurs naturally following a dental extraction. If the bone density and occlusion allow we are now able to place immediate prostheses onto the implant(s).


This treatment protocol offers a fast, fixed and cost effective implant secured solution, often with the added advantage of immediate function, for patients missing all teeth in the upper or lower jaw. See our education section for more details.

Bone grafting

Some patients may have insufficient bone for implant placement. At Cavendish House we are able to offer a wide range of bone grafting procedures using a number of different graft materials. For the more complex bone grafting procedures, such as iliac crest grafts, we have a close working relationship with consultant maxillofacial surgeons.

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